Sunday, January 30, 2011

Party and Drive

Whenever we join or attend a party, my husband always asked favor from any of his cousin to pick us up at the end of the party. We will never know if my husband will have alcohol intake more than what is allowed for driving. Sometimes, worrying about that just ruined the party. My husband have to consider how much he had, especially that I can’t drive yet. Although we both know that he can still drive safely even if he had some alcohol intake, but it is the cop that he was worried about. We can’t afford tickets. Nevertheless, I admire him for that thought.
Anyhow, if ever you or your husband caught up driving with excessive alcohol intake, I suggest that you contact Los Angeles DUI Attorney to defend you. Keep them in your mind for the time that you may need them or any of your love-ones may need them. They guarantee 24/7 immediate response. Their attorneys are aggressive and fully-equipped in knowledge to defend you and to protect your rights.
Of course, nobody wants to encounter problems like these, but sometimes, some problems are inevitable and it is better to be ready than to be sorry. Visit their website for more important information.

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sweetdonut said...

Hey grace!

alcohol has this bad spirit... so better not drink too much..

by the way, i have an award for you....