Monday, February 7, 2011

Have A Healthy Heart

I am filing for a weekend off from work this week because my husband has a medical appointment at Gainesville on Friday, and we may need to stay in that area overnight. My husband is also setting up our Valentine’s Saturday night somewhere. In other words, we will not be home ‘till Sunday. I am looking forward to these days with excitement. I love traveling and I love spending the weekend with my husband somewhere that we haven’t been to.

Back to his medical appointment; I am glad that my husband is very cautious with his health. He never missed any of his medical appointment which is a very good habit, and when I talk about his health, I can’t help but brought back to my mind his critical condition almost two years ago. He almost had a cardiac arrest that his parents, his sister and I have to watch him 24 hours a day after he was released from the hospital. His sister, who is a nurse, was there to monitor his heart beat and everything. We stayed up late at night and take turn to sleep.

Talking about heart problem, has a lot of very helpful information on everything that you need to know about health, wellness, diet, fitness and more. In fact, it is where I find the references for cardiac disease symptoms . Other than that, I also found that the most common cause of heart disease is a narrowing of or blockage in the coronary arteries supplying blood to the heart muscle.

Health is a topic that all of us are involved. You can’t say that you are healthy enough to be exempted to learn something about health. Therefore, I suggest that we should take a regular dose of health news for useful knowledge to have a healthy heart.

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