Friday, February 4, 2011

Know My IQ

I am thankful that my parents-in-law are here with us, if not, I would have been riding a shuttle bus going to work and back to home. On some days, my work schedule and my husband’s class conflicts and that is why it is my parents-in-law who have to drive me, because I don’t drive yet. I know I need to learn to drive to be able to go anywhere on my own. Believe me. Everybody is telling me that, too. I’m going there, anyway, in a few months.

However, my parents-in-law will be going back to Michigan sometime next week. That means it will be about time that I will really be riding a shuttle bus to take me to work and home. I know I would love to ride public transportation, but my problem is the waiting period or maybe the possible of missing the shuttle on the waiting area which is just on the next block from our house.

Well, I guess they are right after all. I need to learn to drive to be able to get around on my own. I like the thought, and to have my own car is even more exciting. I heard about Scion IQ that will be launching this year. I just love its over-all appearance. It is a friendly competitor to the Smart Car. Scion is a brand of vehicles produced by the trusted company, Toyota Motor Corporation, and its long term goal is to appeal to Generation Y consumers. This is the car that I want to have.

If you are interested, too, I suggest that you check Scion IQ release date . Do not be left behind in style. Get IQ news and updates for more information.


Arvin U. de la Peña said...

ang ganda naman ng sasakyan sa picture..

LynnW said...

Hi Grace, I can take you to work. :) Chuck and I are thinking about coming to Fla in March. I plan on coming to visit.