Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Touching Ground (November 22nd '11)

The title of my post tonight does not have to do with the picture I attached in. "Touching ground" is about update of the author of this blog. I know that it has been six weeks ago since my last post here in in my blog; and I am not very happy about it. I thought that purchasing myself a new laptop would inspire me to blog more often, but evidently it didn't. I really feel sorry that I have been neglecting my blog. I just can't find time to blog anymore amidst all these responsibilities I have now in my hand. I think I need somebody to teach me about time management and prioritization. There are times that I find myself all messed up that I just want to sit down and watch movie instead of catching up on things that needs to be done immediately. And one of the effects is that I lost my PR4 on this blog. It is now PR2. I'm not really concern about it because I just can't find time anymore to work on those task that was given to me to write here on my blog, that in fact, I had been constantly declining the oppportunities that came my way since then.

Well, let me give you some rough summary on my whereabouts since I stopped posting regularly here.
* We went to West Virginia during the Labor Day weekend, spent 5 days there.
*Been extremely busy at work... loaded with more responsibilites lately.
*My parents-in-law are here with us again.

I don't know when will be the next post again. I hope it will not be too long. I really want to get back on paid blogging, too, for additional earnings that I will need for Christmas gifts buying. Actualy, I do have 2 task right now, but I will find time to write one of them tomorrow (with cross fingers).

Have a good night (good morning to the half part of the earth) everybody. Stay safe and happy.


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Denise said...

So glad you are blogging again. I have missed you. I had a stroke on Labor day, almost died. But, God saved me.