Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Prayer Request: A Job At RENCO Or WalMart

I am still working right now at the Dollar King. It will be our 2nd anniversary in 3 weeks at the store, and I was there in their first day of opening. In other words, I worked there for almost 2 years already. I love my job there, our regular costumers love me, and above all, my employer love me dearly to the point that they told me that they don't want me to go after I told them that I thought of quitting my job there and move somewhere else.

My reason for leaving? I got a few. The thing is, WalMart is right next to where we live, and since my husband is the one driving me to and from work, it will be of more advantage if I work in WalMart because then I can just walk my way there. Another thing is, my husband will eventually get a job soon, and it will come to a point where driving me to work or picking me from work will conflict with his work schedule, too.

Why did I consider RENCO? It is an electronic assembly production. I just met somebody who worked there and told me how she likes it and that I should consider putting my application in there. She told me about regular advancement basing on your performance and that kinda sounds interesting to me because I love challenges. So, I did put my application in there through mail. Unfortunately, the personnel manager replied to me that they are not hiring right now, but the good news though, they told me that once they need somebody, they will consider me and that they will keep my resume in their file. And by the way, they got great benefits and more. That is probably why I consider working there, and this is my preference.

I just had an interview at WalMart this afternoon. I think it went very well. To be honest, I did not expect the questions to be like that. I thought it was all about explaining what I can do. I find the interview quite hard because it was situational, and in my experience working at Dollar King, I didn't have too much problem with customers, and I am only working with one other employee that I get along very well. Anyway, I will know the outcome in a few days. For the mean time, I will keep my finger cross, and still be working at the Dollar King.

Please pray for me that God will put me in a workplace where I will be most happy and most productive even if it will mean staying in Dollar King, if that is what God's will is. Thank you.


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How have you been????

chidimma said...

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Renco sucks