Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Beating The Boredom


During my first week here in US, Mom Sallie learned from me that I do crochet, she then bought me two ball of crochet yarns and hooks. I think she was trying to help me beat the boredom. I then decided to do something round for the table.

I had this finally done last week. It took me quite a while to finish this because I was very busy on something else, too. It's not the best that I could do, but I'm happy with this though. I placed it on top round center table. It looks good on it.



Grace this is very pretty! I really like it!
Paulette in MI

lorrie said...

Hello Grace, I also love handicraft. My region in Brazil is very known for its handicraft! This is the website of one of our biggest handicraft groups called "Hands of Minas": http://www.maosdeminas.org.br/
Hope you enjoy it!
Keep up on writting and hope to see more comments from you soon :)
All the best!
C ya!

Adam Pieśkiewicz said...

Nice blog too : )


Hi,Nice blogger. I love your site neocounter. That's cool.

Fateen said...

Hey, it's nice..I love it especially it's blue as I love blue..just keep it up ok..
By the way, nice to be in u'r list..

niar said...

hi grace...it's very nice..
I remember i ever make handicraft like this when I was elementary school

Lisa said...

Good job grace. It's pretty and I like it. We have something in common beside our faith in God, and that is crocheting. I love to crochet too and right now I started doing another scarf, my 5th so far. I also have a bedspread that I'm doing in between. Hope I can finish it soon before we go back to the Philippines.