Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My "Vintage" Dictionary

I love writing articles. But since English language is not my native tongue, I need the help of a dictionary most of the time.

I have a favorite dictionary. It is from my father who died fifteen years ago. ( Websters New World Dictionary, Compact School & Office Edition; Copyright 1967; THE WORLD PUBLISHING COMPANY , Library of Congress Catalog Card Number# 67-24862) I was using it since I was in second grade. Though I have few modern dictionaries given by some friends, I'd still stick to my "vintage" dictionary. I love the way it helped me find the precise words in expressing my thoughts and gives me satisfaction in what I'm writing.

But the sad thing is, I left my "vintage" dictionary in the Philippines. I have to, because of its weight and size. I left it to the care of my best friend along with my mother's favorite "vintage" cookbook, too.

But thanks to the online dictionary.
http://www.dictionary.com/ It helps me find the precise words that I need and they made it a lot easier, too, because you can look for the synonyms by using their Crossword Solver.

Writing is fun if you love what you are doing.


Sneaky Momma said...

I rely on online dictionaries and other resources when communicating with friends from other countries (i'm from the US) because so many things get lost in translation.
I'll bet you cannot wait to get your hands back on your vintage dictionary! :)

Pietro said...

Grace, I often use Google translator from Italian into English.
About the Val di Susa, you would certainly like it very much because it's very picturesque and the mountains are so restorative! :-)

Michele Williams said...

So many books and resources are online... my books have been packed away for almost a year... I am so thankful that I can still access many of them via the internet.

God bless you friend.