Thursday, May 14, 2009

Amazing America - Store Policy

Few months ago, my mom-in-law bought me a Hair Iron for special occasion use. One special occasion came, I was looking forward to use it because my hair is not really wonderfully straight, and that would be a good way for me to have a great hair on that special day. But unfortunately, it didn't work then. Too bad, I didn't tried it before the special day came. If I did, we would have known ahead and maybe could have it exchange.

My mom-in-law had decided to return the Hair Iron. It took her over a month before she was able to return it to Walmart, Caro, because she was very busy on many things. On our way to the store, I was thinking, "Would they still accept that for return after that long time? I doubt it so." And we can't find the receipt anymore, too. But to my surprise, they did! No sweat! Wow! I could say that if it happened to some other stores, specifically, in the Philippines, I doubt that they would accept it as a return anymore.

More power to America! More power to Walmart!

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Roberto Kuelho said...

I´m Here! you visited my blog.
But, i not speaker english.
Very poor!!

kisses girl!