Thursday, October 30, 2008

Jewelry Box

During my first few days here in Michigan, there was a sign across the street saying "Storage Sale". I was so excited to go, to see what they sell, and this... is from there... a jewelry box. No scratch, no broken. It was as good as new. On sale for only a dollar. I like this very much.

Few weeks after I had purchased this, I found similar to this at Walmart, for $5.00 . Well, that was a good deal then.

I love storage sale!


Niel Camhalla said...

That's cute. Pwede siguro yan aparador ng dolls ko.

Ken's choice said...

Hi Grace,
I'm here and doing fine, but I'm busy stitching Christmas cards,
thanks for your concern, it feels goed !!
are you OK ?
when I've finished all that stuff, I'll be back

love and hugs,

edgezone said...

hi grace, thanks to hopping to my blog and hope you enjoy there.


Anonymous said...

wow mura nga ganyan din ako hehe sis

Pearl Josue said...

i also love going to thrift shops! happy hunting:-)

Jhoice said...

Wow that's a great buy, I been loOking for a jewelry box too, I have seen few at JCP but they're freakin expensive, errRr!! it's like $70 OMG, Nice one sis, I hope I could find one w/ that cheapest price toO , i`ll be glad :d

Susan said...

You found a nice bargain, Grace!

Lisa said...

You had a very good deal with that jewelry box. I have one too, a little bigger than yours but it was given to me as a gift by my step-daughter.

I'm ok but haven't been sleeping that good yet. I've been feelin' a little weak today. Pls. keep me in your prayers. I love u in the Lord sis.