Monday, October 27, 2008

Thy Word


Lisa said...

Thanks for always visiting my blog Grace. I'm glad to meet a fellow Christian here in the blogosphere. I'm not really doing fine lately. I'm having trouble sleeping. It was caused by the ringing in my ears and it created anxiety in me. So that's what bothering me now. Please include me in your personal prayers that I can get back to my normal sleeping mood and get over with this anxiety and ringing in my ears.

Lisa said...

I've been searching online and I've tried a lot of herbs to make me sleep but it didn't work. I know it's tinnitus, I started experiencing it last August and it made me nervous bec. they said it has no cure. I'm using lipo-flavonoids now and the ringing is not that bad. But I still have the anxiety and I'm using Xanax. I don't want to be addicted with though. What do you use for your tinnitus?

jenny said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and encouraging me in my stressful time! :-) I thought later I should have said I pray and use my spiritual life to relieve stress. I guess since I work in a Christian school, I figure that everyone prays and is comforted by that, but it's not the case!

My Aunt and Uncle live in Troy, MI. I wondered if you were close. We visited Holland, MI, about 3 years ago when my cousin got married there. Nice memories of Michigan!