Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sing Your Song

When I was still in the Philippines, I love the way how I woke up every morning. Birds would gather near our window and start singing. It is very pleasant to my ears. The beautiful part of it is that hearing another birds from a distant responding, too.

Birds sing because they have a syrinx instead of a larynx. The syrinx is the bird's voice box, an organ that lies deep in a bird's chest and is uniquely fashioned for song. That, at least, is the natural explanation for their gift.

But let me ask you, why do birds sing? Because their Creator put a song in their hearts. Each bird is "heaven's high and holy muse," created to draw our hearts up to our Creator. They are reminders that He has given us a song that we may sing His praise.

So when you hear God's little hymn-birds singing their hearts out, remember to sing your own song of thanksgiving, too. Lift up your voice to our Creator.

"Break forth in song, rejoice, and sing praises." Psalm 98:4 NKJV


charis08 said...

I love listening to the birds sing and i love the different songs of the different birds. We really can learn a lot just by observing God's creatures. Beautiful post!

Share my point of view... said...

I love reading inspirational post.

I wonder what Simon Cowell will say when he hears the birds sing? =P

Midas said...

Hey Grace, I remember that. I have this guava tree and atis tree right outside my windows. It's got lots of birds and it's a symphony every day. I'd hear the birds, and then I'd hear the noise from the servant's quarter. They seem to clang and bang the washing machines and cooking pot right at the same time.

Here, I'm the servant with my five kids...and I'm the one clanging pots and pans in the morning. :)

America huh?

niar said...

thank you Grace...I think that I really have to change my profile pict , coz I rather bored with the elder...
you know that, there is a proverb says that 'Life is an about the song.., so sing it beautifully. as beautiful as you can.."

Billy said...

Beautiful post, Gracie. We have some lovely birds in Louisiana--I live near New Orleans, but out in the country--and they are indeed a heavenly choir. I was picking up the paper in my driveway the other morning and when I stopped to listen to a single bird in a high-up tree, I realized the breathtaking beuaty and right then and there I thanked God for such a gift.