Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Handicraft is fun. It is my life. Have you ever had Super Glue on your fingers? I had it. It scared me to death. It feels like either I will have my finger stick together for the rest of my life or I'll rip my flesh apart. What seems imposible to remove, I discover can be taken off with the right solution.
Life's burden can be that way. I know somebody who use to say, "I can't shake this burden. It's something I haven't been able to give up to God. I'm very sad about it and know that I must hand it over to Him and be transformed. I truly need God's strength to rid myself of it. I know God will help me to let it go, but I just must choose to do it."
The joy of the Christian life is knowing that God can handle anything we hand over to Him. However, the great burden of the Christian life is that we, weak and helpless individual as we are, hang on to stuff we know we need to give to God. Our sins and concerns, big and small, seem to stick to us like Super Glue. The solution? We need to take those burden off our own hands and put them on God's shoulders. Save your self from tearing your flesh apart.
"Cast your burden on the Lord, and He shall sustain you." Psalm 55:22 NKJV


Debbie said...

I love this. You are right again!

valerie lynn said...

I have learned that there is nothing bigger or stronger than our God. His grace is sufficient for whatever we go through in life. Awesome writing my friend! Awesome!

Denise said...

So very true my friend.

Beth in NC said...

Ha, that is a great! So true!

Allen's Darling said...

Yes its true!

Eduardo said...

Too beautiful. Mommy needed this, thank you.
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle