Wednesday, February 11, 2009


According to Veterans Affairs researchers, cold weather may cause dangerous changes in blood pressure. Their study of thousands of veterans with high blood pressure found that we're more likely to have high readings during colder months, probably because of winter weight gain and inactivity. What blood pressure should you aim for? For heart health, experts agree: in general, the lower, the better.
I can feel that, too. There are times I just feel so lazy and don't want to move out from my bed. And what I don't like is the feeling of being blue beyond comprehension. I know I need some activities. Playing Jenga with my husband is one good activity that I enjoyed doing. This play involves, eyes, nerves and heart beat. This is one good form of excercise for both of us. And the best part that I love so much is the laughter. It is really healthy to share a good laugh especially with someone you love.


Marsha said...

We have Jenga in our game closet but haven't played it lately. I've have to move it forward.

Kurplunk is one I like to play with my grandchildren when they come over. You insert long sticks - like pick up sticks - into a tube in various positions. Then you drop marbles into the mix. After that, each person takes a turn and pulls out a stick trying not to drop any marbles into their own tray below. The person with the least amount of marbles wins. It can be nerve racking, but not nearly as much as Jenga!

Have a blessed day, Grace.

Denise said...

Smile, you are greatly loved.

Greg said...

I love Jenga, too. It is fun for the whole family. :)