Monday, February 2, 2009

Daniel Ng's "The World I know"

It is Recommendation Monday once again. I wonder if somebody is following this weekly issue. After I did the three deserving gentlemen's blog's review, I have decided to give the award today to:
Daniel Ng's "The World I Know" is one of the blog that I enjoyed giving regular visit. He talks a lot about politics and some other senseful matters with a touch of good humor and fun. He shares very informative and interesting post. No wonder he gained a lot of regular visits, too. Everybody just love to have some nibble on his intellect blog.


Daniel Ng said...

Wow! I really surprise and feel honour to received this award from you, I am happy you not feel my blog is bored, I really appreciate the compliment.

For me, I just try my best to break down some complicated issues in the most simple ways, so that everybody can understand and I really think that maintaining a sense of humor is very important especially in this depressing time.

I love to exchange knowledge and experience with all my friends from around the world just like you, It's so amazing that we can become best friend in the cyber world.

Thanks again and feel free to leave any comments on my blog and I will response all the comments!

God bless!

Denise said...

Very deserving.

PULKIT said...

you have a very intresting blog grace, its very well presented as well as content is at extreme honesty from your heart!
good going... regards! god bless!


Anonymous said...

I enjoy politics, like your blog's name, and love to chat about the absolutel goodness of God! It is great to meet you.