Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sharing Marriage Life

When Yahoo Messenger just got started on the web, I was one of those who were hooked up. But sad to say, Yahoo Messenger chat room is now too loaded with scammers. It was so cool meeting people from different countries and getting to know them, too. Few of those I was chatting to have the chance to visit me in the Philippines. One of them was my very dear deceased friend, Beth. I am one of those who are very grateful that technology like this was made possible.
But here’s the latest chatroom, This is exclusively for married person, sharing their joys and problems in married life. I think this can be helpful especially to someone like me who had just married not so long ago. Maybe it is good to share to someone what I have learned and to learn from someone who were married for a period of time already. Base on my experiences, there are things that I wish I know about married life but not sure where to get information. Or is it that I feel awkward asking around? But I think this Married Chat Room would be very helpful. Sharing how you spend your free or extra time could help somebody who gets bored being a plain housewife, too.


Denise said...

Sounds great.

Carina the Blogarina said...

How cool that yoou met someone who not only was able to come visit you, but who became a good friend!

Makoy said...

hi grace. thanks for all the comments. i hope you can join my $200 blog contest. happy weekend!