Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Sponsors

I am sure that most of you are aware that some of my posts are sponsored. It doesn't mean that those words were not mine, they were all originally mine, but have to use their subject to talk about.
Anyway, I would like to take the chance to thank them and I am introducing to you as well, my sponsors and their services;

PayPerPost is an incredible new self-service marketplace that allows you to get paid to blog about the products, services and websites you love. Most of my sponsored post were from them. What I like in this site are that they always have a lot of opportunities, my post are auto-approved and above all, they pay on time. And what I don't like is that lately, they got a lot of very low price opportunity. Well, it is up to you if you take them.
My second sponsored post that I got was from Blogsvertise. What I like from them is that they just e-mail to you the task and they have good price, too. But their task are not as much as the first one that I mentioned. Posting of Banner Links is one good way that monetize my blog. The banner is not at all offensive and did not messed up with my wholesome blog.
It was just few weeks ago that I had started taking sponsored post from Smorty , although it has been awhile that they approved my blog. The reason why was that my blog then didn't have PR yet. And by the time I got PR on my blog, that is then that they started to give me opportunities to write about. They got good price, but you have to checked in as often as you can to be able to catch an opportunity. They pay you one week after. Isn't that great?

I got a lot of good priced sponsored post from Social Spark , too. As with most of them, you have to checked in as often as you can to be able to catch an opportunity. They are very particular in grammar. They pay on time, too.

Loud Launch only accepts blogs preferably with PR 2. They have a very fair price that made me look after it always. They pay on time, too. They don't have too much task because they have just started in this business. And just like most of them, you have to checked in as often as you can to be able to catch an opportunity. I found most of their opportunities very interesting to write with. They are calling all premium bloggers to join them.

Buy Blog Reviews was where I got my very first sponsored post. Lately, they are improving their services and a new user interface is being designed with better functionality. They are making sure that their new system is able to process all the payments on 1st and 15th of every month as they had issues on this matter in the past couple of months.
Here are some other networks like these but I did not like because I did not really benefit from them. Here are the reasons why;
*Snap Bomb- I am so sure they are the lowest in pay-out rate. It is not worth the labor.
*Paying Post- Their network seems not working good, or is it just an excuse because there was really no opportunities be found there.
*Sponsored Reviews- I don't know. It has been a while that I was approved in this network but I don't get any opportunities to write about.
*Blog To Profit, Blogger's Review, Review Me, Bloggerwave, Bloggertizer, Blogitive, Paid Post, etc... etc... etc... blah... blah... blah


Angelo said...

Good luck with your sponsored posts Grace, and thanks for dropping by.

Denise said...

You do a great job for them.

Sidney said...

I always wonder if it is worth the hassle... but some people claim they make good money...

Lulu said...

Hey grace, I might join some of the mentioned sponsor site that you have good experience. I am a member on a few of them but I am just new to it.

vhingF said...

AMAZING!!! almost all!!??

pagud na ako ...hehehehe.

how true & where is the money?

Jacky said...

sis i join LoudLaunch. pero broken yung url mo so copy ko na lang url mo.