Wednesday, March 11, 2009


It is really amazing how teens of today can get excessively indulgent in computer games. My 14-year old nephew could play straight 10 hours or more without feeling hungry. It has always brought arguments among his brothers and sisters because they can’t have the chance to use the computer, too. That was why lately, their daddy had arranged a time schedule for using the computer among them. This is a good idea, but not to my nephew because he always ended having to stop the games in the middle of activity because his time was over.
Here is a good news for him, Tankzors game from DaSuppaStudios, is an online game that you can download on your mobile phones for free. It is based on the widely known NES game Battle City. New excellent graphics with a perfect musical accompaniment! Besides, for every crushed enemy you receive coins with the help of which you can upgrade your tank and set up 35 various types of weapons in the workshop, such as; shells, mines, dynamites, plasma, artillery, missiles, armor-plating, radars etc. You can also purchase an air bombardment or help of the allied tanks. Oh, the boys know this stuff very well than I do. This game can surely carry you away. Download it for free right now, especially, that you will get full access to first five mission levels absolutely for free! And by the way, visit their website to check the accessibility to the kind of mobile phone you got.