Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tungsten Wedding Bands

My husband and I got married August 2nd last year. Two weeks before that day, there were still a lot of things unattended and few stuff that we needed to buy. We even almost forgot we still didn’t have the wedding bands. We have been looking in many jewelry stores but I just can’t find exactly the kind that I was looking for. Then, we had decided to look into websites and there we found it. The thrilled part was, a day before our wedding day, the wedding bands arrived. Whew!
Talking about Wedding Rings , our present age gave us alternatives to choose with rather than the traditional gold one. There are silver, two-tone (which is the silver on gold), tri-tone (which is silver, gold and bronze), titanium, etc. Titanium wedding bands are exquisite and a lot of new couples brags about its uniqueness and stunning style. I saw this one online. If I had seen this during the time that I was looking for our wedding bands, I would definitely take this one. These are called tungsten rings , made with the superior tungsten carbide alloy instead of being made from pure metal. It is known to be the hardest metal ever used to be in jewelry creation. I like this one, domed tungsten carbide ring with a slightly domed surface and two thin grooves: The grooves break the surface of the ring into three parts. It is scratch proof and always look like new polished.


Denise said...

Those are lovely.

Jacky said...

those lovely rings

dede said...

nice reiew grace! i saw some banner about entry card, but i dont really wont in. what is that about?