Thursday, April 23, 2009

Batik For Sunshine


My previous post was talking about a vacation to Hawaii. One of the significant things about Hawaii is the kind of clothing most people are wearing in that place. The fabrics are either floral or ocean prints... and Batik. I always love Batik. I have a couple of Batik Sarong and some sun dresses. It is just so perfect for summer and spring. It is perfect by the sea shore, too.
Do you want to buy some Batik apparel for this summer? I’m going to help you by leading you to their Batik store . is an online store of high quality handmade products of beauty and comfort with extraordinary brilliance which is also enhanced by a comprehensive accessories and lifestyle collection while they adhere to extreme perfection of quality assurance and control to build a reliable name worldwide.
I have my eyes on this one for my husband; Zana Batik Men Shirt . He would surely look good on it. Their prices are amazingly low as compared to other boutiques. For your 10% off, please use the coupon code: CRAFTY.
Well, I realized I found myself reading their batik blog with enjoyment. Curiosity about their crafts, traditions and productions leads me there. Through Batik Blog, you will also be able to view their upcoming products. See them for your selves.

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Denise said...

Very nice shoes.