Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dark Chocolate For A Healthy You

This is my favorite chocolate and lately, I have been eating a lot of these... while working on my computer. (kinda addictive, he-he-he) Dove is the only kind of chocolate that I like to eat, and it should be rich dark chocolate, if not... it's all yours then. :) Although there are some brand name of chocolate that I like... and they are at least 75% cocoa, any less than that won't appeal to me.
More researchers found evidences that confirms dark chocolates makes us healthy. It was reported that people who were diagnosed with hypertension dropped from 86% to 68%, and it is because of the antioxidant effect of dark chocolate. Yes, indulging every once in a while may have long-term heart benefits.
And it got crunchy almonds, too. Its organic phytonutrients and antioxidants, can prevent dry skin and reduce the visible signs of aging... and is healthy for the brain. Hmm... I need this to keep me going.