Saturday, April 11, 2009

Black Saturday Is Pool Time

This picture was taken in Surigao City (Philippines), few days before I had to fly going here in USA. I made a promise to these kids that we will definetely have pool bonding before I have to go. And so we did. We had a good time then. We brought food with us, too. The weather was almost 90 degree. Perfect!
That pool located on top of the mountain. There are some lodging rooms and function rooms available, too. This is our favorite place to go whenever it gets very hot, or whenever we had a long stressful week.
During Black Saturday, most of the people in the Philippines break fast and go to the beach. Most of them did that for the sake of cleansing. But mostly, their reason is just because of the very hot weather. It is fun! Oh, I miss going to pool, and above all, I miss these kids.
Please excuse the bad quality of the photo. It is not from a digital camera and had to scan the picture to put it on the computer.

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Denise said...

I love swimming pools, so fun.