Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Create Your Own Fair Parenting Plan

My husband’s cousin was divorced and got one kid. He met a woman that he fell in love with, a divorced woman with 1 kid, too. They dated and get married in the long run. My husband and I were there in their wedding. We had the chance to talk after the reception that was held in their house. I happened to asked her if they were planning to have a baby and her answer was “No. We both have kid and that was enough”. She shared to me about their parenting arrangement that had caused confusion to their kids and had cost both parent a lot of money with the courts fee, too.
This kind of divorce settlements can sometimes be tough and caused headaches. If you are one of them, Parenting Plan software PARBasic has come up with a fair and healthy Parenting Plan and Child Time Sharing Schedule to help you quickly and easily create your own parenting plan and time-sharing schedule with flexibility to make sure that both parents agree on the terms to avoid issues and conflicts in the future. This is a do-it-yourself step-by-step instruction in creating the plan and is approved for use by courts in all states. In this way you can save significant attorney fees. For more information please visit, You can purchase the software online and download it for immediate use. They offer the best value for a comprehensive parenting plan software solution.


Denise said...

Nice post.

Robert said...

You should also check out Custody X Change. I used their free trial and it was very easy to setup my parenting plan. Then I brought it to court and they accepted it. Now I get to see my son 50% of the time. I was very pleased!