Thursday, April 16, 2009


Here in Michigan, although it is already spring, but we still use the fireplace every once in a while, because during night time it gets so cold that it made me shaking in the middle of the night. I am sick of wearing heavy clothes on bed, but I have to. Turning on the fireplaces enables me to wear light sleepwear and gave me a nice sleep.
. is the UK’s no.1 fireplace retailer. Their showroom is located in Cheshire. They take pride of their highest quality of limestone, wooden and stone fireplaces. Whether you are into traditional or into modern kind of fireplaces, they have it, to suits your whims. They deliver free to anywhere in the U.K.. Their price is guaranteed very low compare to other market. And if you have been having problem looking around for the special size to fit your living room wall, they can produce for it. For your fireplace accessories that you may need, they are available, too.
The image shown is their “Chatsworth Limestone Fireplace”, its small Tudor arched limestone fireplace with its classic shape is their one of the best selling fireplaces and remains popular in old and more modern homes. It has a standard opening that will accommodate any inset gas or electric fire.
For more styles and additional information about their products, click here .


Denise said...

Such a lovely fireplace.

Tim said...

It's so important to find a quality driven fireplace company with well designed fireplaces. Findley House in Yorkshire is another great example of this too.