Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gift Cards- A Smart Gift Idea

Last Christmas, my husband and I’s gift to his daughter was a gift card along with a greeting card, too. If I would have the chance to choose, I definitely would like to receive a gift card, too. There are a lot benefits in using gift cards when purchasing. For instance, with Best Buy gift cards you can buy or redeem online or in their U.S. or Puerto Rico stores; you can reload your card at any U.S. Best Buy store; no expiration dates or maintenance fees and above all is that they ship free when purchased online. So, if I purchase a laptop online, they will ship it to me for free.
You can get these gift cards at It is a credit card search tool website. There are almost a hundred company/store Gift Cards available. You can also check your balance online at anytime. These gift cards comes in four categories; any occasion, birthdays, thank-you and congratulations. Pick your choice now.


Mari said...

I agree, gift cards is the best way of gift giving. There's not a lot of hassle for the giver. And the recipient gets the choice of present for himself or herself.

Denise said...

I love gift cards.