Monday, April 20, 2009

Give Gifts That Will Make Them Always Remember You

My best friend’s baby girl, Emma, will be turning two years old this coming 15th of May. It has been more than a year that I don’t see them. Although I was still in the Philippines during her 1st birthday, but I was not able to visit them because by then I was in Surigao City with my mother, spending last few weeks with them. I was supposed to drop by to my friend’s house to give my birthday gift for Emma, shortly before I have to fly going here, but I was extremely busy taking care of all the things that was need to be done prior to my moving here. I miss her so much… (sigh)
I always have a special way of picking up a gift for kids. I go for something that would make them feel special by giving them something that they just can’t find from the kid next door. is an online specialty boutique that has the perfect gift for everyone. If you are looking for cool, colorful and unique designer baby clothes , Lou Lou Corner is the perfect place that you need to go. I love this Jellycat - huge Bunglie Mutt (shown on the picture). This will surely will make her always remember me every time she plays with her Bunglie Mutt. Visit their online gift shop and don’t miss to check out their Barefoot Dreams collection, too.


Denise said...

Great information.

ian said...

Hey Grace, thanks for checking my sketches today :-) It was lovely of you - and I trust you had a good weekend too :-)