Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hydrotherapy Can Help Reduce The Pain

We had our honeymoon at Florida right after our wedding. We stayed in an apartment for the entire three weeks with an exclusive swimming pool. We both love it there. My husband loved to get into the pool every morning when the sun was up, while I like to get into the pool when the sun sets down. However, we need to compromise, so we both agreed to get into the pool morning time and sun set time.
Actually, my husband’s physician recommended him hydrotherapy at least three times a week; that is due to his back surgery that he had several years ago. In other words, it is really necessary for him to get into the pool regularly. Aquatic therapy brings relief because in the water patients can move more actively and more comfortably. It is very effective in treating many health or chronic conditions. The weightlessness of water reduces stress on joints and increases mobility without pain.
HydroWorx is the installer of ultimate indoor exercise pools and swim spas for home. Hydroworx pool has combined the healing properties of water with our powerful therapy jets, underwater treadmill and massage system to lessen the pain; enhance post surgery recovery; and bring relief for other health conditions. The warm water of the Hydrotherapy pools provides sensory stimulation to the entire body helping to create kinesthetic awareness of the body. By localizing the areas of pain, warm water and a spa jet massage can help reduce overall discomfort. Read the real testimonial/stories about how the aquatic therapy had greatly helped different kinds of person with health and physical issues. It is what my husband needs; it might what you need, too.


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I love pools.

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I think I need this one. I always have back pains. May be this can help.