Friday, April 24, 2009

Key Holder Collection

When I was still in the Philippines, a certain part of my wall was covered with my key holder collection. Well, it was nothing significant though. It was just any kind of key holder... and again, I have to leave it.
On my way going here, I had a two hour stop-over at Japan. I had my Philippine Peso converted into Japan Yen, so that I can buy something I may want. One of the things that I bought was a key holder. Key holder always caught my attention. Then, I thought, I will start collecting key holder again... and this time, in a different way. Every significant place that I will go to, if I can find any, I will buy a key holder for my collection.
So far, here are the key holders that I had gather in my 10 months stay here.
*Brevard Zoo
*Bronner's Biggest Christmas Store In The World
*Kingston Post Office (with a vintage stamp on it)
*Davenport University
*Wisconsin's Bay City "The Packers"
*Cass City Gardening Organization
(There are some places that I had been to that I was not able to get a key holder because we were in a hurry, but I was told that we will get there again.)


Denise said...

Nice collection.

Ebie said...

I used to collect spoons, but then, I got tired and I gave it away.