Thursday, April 30, 2009

Luxury Watches For Our Mothers On Mother's Day

One of my mama’s favorite gifts is a watch. She just loves a watch. She was so happy with the last watch I gave her and became sad when the battery didn’t work anymore. She told me that the battery didn’t work and I took it to the watch repair shop and have them replace the old batter with the new one. Then, she was happy again.
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I was browsing through their products and found this one; Movado Aviso Ladies' Watch 14K Yellow Gold White Dial 0690809. Movado has a long history as an award winning in watchmaker because of their high fashion watches with soft, graceful and elegant lines. I am so sure that my mama would love it. I have my eyes on their Tag-Heuer watches because it reminded me that I used to have a Tag-Heuer watch bought from Hongkong. Its endurance, beauty and its exacting standards that are unmatched in the watch industry are very impressive. Check on their line of Cartier watches, too. It is focused on aesthetics. Its artists work side by side to create a Carter watch with balance of art and precision.