Friday, April 17, 2009

Mailbox And Light Post In One

Every afternoon, I go down to the street to get our mails from the mailbox. I got mail from RBC yesterday and I sent a card for my mom in the Philippines for the coming mother’s day. And hey,( I almost forgot) an engagement announcement card was sent to us this afternoon, from my husband’s cousin, Pam and her boyfriend, William. They are such a nice and perfect pair. We love them so much. Their wedding invitation will be following soon. That will make me excited every time I go down to the street to get our mail from the mailbox then.
Talking about mailbox, has a lot of variety styles of high quality mailboxes both in residential mailboxes and in commercial mailboxes. Here in our area, almost all the mailboxes that I seen here are just look alike. But in, their mailboxes are pretty and unique in styles. They have over 2,500 mailbox and curbside d├ęcor products. Whether you are an individual homeowner or represent a 400 unit residential building, they provide and help you find a fully customized mailbox that suited your wish.
I think I like this one; Mayne White Rockport Single Arm Mailbox Post. What do you think? It is designed to fit today’s small to medium sized mailboxes . If you add solar caps, it would be perfect for the early evening hours. Your post will light your way to your door in style. Visit their website and look for your own taste of mailbox.


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