Thursday, April 30, 2009

Puzzle Of Two Hearts

I just found out that I am the missing piece of puzzle of my husband's heart. I mean it literally. Hmm... this sounds an interesting story to tell, isn't it?
My husband's chest is sunken a little bit. I didn't know there was a story behind it until I happened to ask him just a couple of hours ago. He told me that his mom told him that when he was a baby the doctor gave him the wrong medicine that it gave him difficulty in breathing and that made his chest sunk a little bit.
What about mine? Here is my story. My mother told me that when I was a few weeks old, the nurse was bottle-feeding me with water when all of a sudden I was grasping for air because of too much water. The nurse was in panic that she rubbed my chest too hard and that's how I got a humped chest right now.
Does this made sense?


Omah's Helping Hands said...

That makes perfect sense Grace. Isn't His way of putting us together so unique and interesting. You two were meant for each other. Thanks for sharing sweetie! That is so neat!

heidi said...

How interesting that two unique hearts found each other! Very sweet story!

Laine's Cutie Abode said...

.. . that you and your husband is truly meant for each other..that hows i perceive it. :)

so sweet :) kilig si me :)

Denise said...

Very interesting.