Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Therapeutic Effect Of Blogging

Looking at where I am now, I am so happy that somebody led me into this blogging stuff. I believe I have long been bored and wanting to go back to the Philippines if God hadn’t brought me to blogging. I learned writing my personal journal when I was 14 years old. At one time one of the members of the family read my personal journal that it almost made me stop writing on my personal journal, but I just love what I am doing and that is how I come up with the idea of using strange letters in order nobody else can read them. Pretty clever, huh? Journaling is for everyone. It just feels good to write.
In the quest of providing the most secure journal available for both individuals and health care providers, was created. It is the very first-ever, therapy-oriented online journal tool dedicated to therapy, well-being, and also track progress of personally set based on cognitive behavior therapy. Thousands of members have benefit this America’s #1 Source of Online Therapy Journaling because you can completely express and pour out your feelings, thoughts, fears, hopes, grudges and dilemma in a completely safe, private and secure environment, plus, you can experience a unique feature: your own “Progress Graph”.
Most of the members in are individuals who love journaling and are diagnosed with mental disorder such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and those that are in similar conditions. Health Care providers and soldiers returning from the war with PTSD are using their service. Specifically, this is for individuals (with the conditions I mentioned above) who are not seeing a mental health practitioner. This help to achieve an overall improved mood and mental well-being. Undeniably, journaling is an effective therapy.


Denise said...

I love to journal.

payatot said...

meron pala nyan theraphy online journal, pero masarap naman talaga mag blog kase dito natin nalalathala ang mga gusto natin sabihin lalo na kung medyo malungkot5 ka at kelangan mo ng kasama..