Thursday, April 30, 2009

Straight From The Heart by Julie Mulligan

The very first thing that my mother taught me when I was a little girl was making a dress for my doll. I wanted my doll to have an extra dress, so she made one and it lead to another one dress and another one dress. Then she had decided to teach me how to make doll dress and how to hand-sew, too. That gave me the leading that I want to become a dressmaker. After a decade, I had the chance to take dressmaking class during one summer that leads me make dresses to my nieces and then later on, it leads me to work in a garment factory which I love very much.
There are many other things that my mother taught me. Most of my personal interest I got it from her. I miss her so much. We are half of the world apart and once I get my “Adjustment of Status”, I would definitely visit here; if God is willing.
However, even if I am this far, that does not make it impossible to send her a wonderful gift on mothers day . A flower in a pot would be a perfect mother’s day gift for a special mother like her. This very gorgeous “Straight from the Heart by Julie Mulligan” is from I am so sure she will like this. There are a lot more very beautiful flower arrangements in their site. Check it out.


Denise said...

Very beautiful.

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Those are gorgeous. I like the heart added, which gives it that little extra touch.

Stacy said...

Looking gorgeous bouquet...there are a more lovely flower arrangement available at 1-800-flowers.