Friday, May 8, 2009

Broken Lock Problem

Fluffer (our dog) had problem getting on our bed because he can no longer jump up that high. He got a bad hip now. My husband have to pick him up to get into bed, and because Fluffer really wants to sleep on bed, too. He remembered that they used to have dog stairs, and said that it must be in the storage house. So, we went and tried to open the storage house, but to our despair, the key broke up and portion of it was stuck in the lock. It was such a very bad timing. We had to call a locksmith to help us with our problem and it doesn’t take too much time at all to have him fix it. Thanks to the locksmith. Fluffer can get on the bed again without having to pick him.
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A little tip: For your family’s safety, ensure that the locksmith service is a reputable, licensed, bonded, insured and with a physical office to to help you after the initial service is provided.


Denise said...

Great information.

Anonymous said...

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