Saturday, May 9, 2009

"Yes, Lord, but Later"

Has the Lord prompted you to do something that you feel like you don't want to do, or make you feel like procrastinating? I did that a lot of times, and I was aware that I have made Jesus sad. There were times that He wants me to rebuke my friends who were engaged in adultery or drug trafficking, and there I was, about to do it, but I just can't say the word. Either I was scared that our relationship might be affected or I was trying to say "Yes, Lord, but later", but God's command is a command.
There is something about recognizing our lack of motivation and then choosing to be responsible that helps us follow through. God is interested in our faith and obedience, not just in our good intentions. I learned that the next time I will be tempted to declined my duties, I will then ask God for the grace to do it anyway.
"He answered and said, 'I will not' but afterward he regretted it and went." Matthew 21:29