Friday, May 15, 2009

Comfortable Sleep For A Healthy Heart

It is reported that poor sleep habit can be damaging to heart health, especially to women. It happened to me sometimes, I had some sleepless nights. The more I worry, the more I become frustrated, tense and more wide awake than ever. And it resulted to unproductiveness on the following day. I hate sleepless nights!
Every time it happened to me I would avoid taking nap on daytime, to make sure that I will be very sleepy by the time I get on bed. Engaging on physical activities may help avoid sleeplessness, too. It will make both my mind and body exhausted, and helped me fall to sleep faster. Creating a comfortable atmosphere, lighting your favorite scented calming candle and turning on the air-conditioning will bring the message to your mind to have a good and sound sleep.
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Having a good sleep can do a lot of wonders to our body and mind.


Denise said...

Such helpful information.

Femmepower said...

thanks for this post.i never thought lack of sleep can be damaging to the heart. i'm aware though that it damages the neurons and it's bad at that i really have to get enough sleep everyday,no matter what.