Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Crossword Puzzle- Inherited Interest

I want to believe that this is the game that I can call inherited interest. My father used to do this a lot. He even have a book of it. He just loved the challenged out of it. My mother, too, loves doing this. In fact, few months before I leave Philippines, my friend helped me gathering and cut out crossword puzzle from a local daily newspapers. We gave a bunch to my mother, enough for her to be busy with. She kept the unfinished ones, and note down every difficult words that she had encountered so that by the next time she come across to it, she can compare it with.
I love crossword puzzle, too. I bought a bunch books about crossword puzzle that contains hundreds of very challenging words. This is the reason why I said that I believe that crossword puzzle is a game that I can call as inherited interest. In fact, I used to create my own crossword puzzle, too. I love the feeling of having accomplished something that I thought I could not. This is fun and something to exercise our minds with. Let us always remember that; "Idleness is Satan's favorite playground".


rummuser said...

Grace, on the national holidays following which we have days without the daily dose of news papers are the worst ever for me. I solve four to five crossword puzzles every day, and it is my staple food for the brain!

Denise said...

My brother loves crossword puzzles.