Monday, May 11, 2009

"Mosquito Magnet" For Safer Summer

Last summer, my husband and I were in Florida for three weeks and the weather was perfect. We stayed at the apartment of Aunt Kathy. It was such a perfect place; with swimming pool, basketball court and children’s play house; but the horrifying story was that the mosquitoes were everywhere. They were ruining our happiness. In fact, both of my legs are actually covered with the bite scars up to now, I’m still trying to get rid of the scars. The amazing thing was, even if I wore a pair of long pants, they were still able to bit me. How did they do that? My husband asked me what time of the year that I want to move to Florida, I answered, summer. He reminded me of the mosquito bites, and now that discouraged me.
I heard about “Mosquito Magnet”. It is the only long-term traps, scientifically proven mosquito control solution in the marketplace. Many users testified that it has saved their summers and were not shy to talk about it! One mosquito magnet review says; a certain family could not even go out and play with their beautiful cedar play set without being distracted and bitten by mosquito all the time. They bought the Mosquito Magnet® Defender, after running it for a week, the trap was nearly full, and they saw dramatic results! They were able to go out at dusk, in 80 degree heat and humidity and see only two mosquitoes! UNBELIEVABLE!! They are now able to eat outside, play outside and just enjoy their yard.
Now that I know this best way to get rid of the mosquitoes, there is nothing can hinders us from having a family outdoor on summer. And above all, we will be free from worrying about the health problem that mosquito carry such as the West Nile virus, dengue fever and many more. I hope that more and more people will find this wonderful stuff. Try the “Mosquito Magnet” for fun and safe summer.



Denise said...

Wow, awesome.

ROSSEL said...

galing naman nyang mosquito magnet. meron kaya nyan dito sa Pinas?

Debra said...

Living in Florida....we definitely have heard of the magnet and a lot of family and friends have one!

Blessings to you today!

Mary said...

Would really love to have one of these!

Lisa said...

Thank you Grace for sharing this we do have those pesky bugs here in SC and I do dread them. I will look into this Mosquito magnet.I hope your having a beautiful day.
Hugs. Lisa

Cairo Typ0 said...

That sounds amazing! I need to buy some of those. I am literally a human mosquito magnet and it would be nice to have a day off from my blood donating duties. *scratch*scratch*

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