Thursday, May 21, 2009

Gardening Day!

As had planned, we did the gardening today. We transfered the flowers we bought to lots of pots. We even gave some pots with flowers to our neighborhoods. We put flowers on our patio stairs, and we plant on the front yard, too.
The weather was perfect for an outdoor activities. And afterwards, I found out that both my arms and my legs turned a little red already.
As I was toiling the soil, I saw some worms and felt a little uncomfortable, but a little while after that, I saw a snake!!! That is my greatest fear. A snake!!! It always haunted me even on my dreams. My husband said it is just a garden snake. It is colored black and pale orange. I was really scared. My husband told me that garden snake don't hurt and are not poisonous. It doesn't change the way I look at it, it is still a snake and I am very scared of any kind of snake. I just hope that I don't get to encounter that again... or any kind of snake at all. Please!

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Denise said...

Worms are yucky, lol