Saturday, May 2, 2009

MIBYP #1. My Friends Are Convinced That I Am Over The Hill (by Ramana's Musing)

I created this new meme because a lot of times that I visit other blogs and found their post very interesting and I just want to post them on my blog, too. But of course, I can't do this without the permission of the post owner.
New Alphabet
A is for apple, and B is for boat,
That used to be right, but now it won’t float.
Age before beauty is what we once said,
But let’s be a bit more realistic instead.
The Alphabet
A’s for arthritis;
B’s the bad back,
C’s the chest pains,
Perhaps car-d-iac?
D is for dental decay and decline,
E is for eyesight, can’t read that top line!
F is for fissures and fluid retention,
G is for gas which we’d rather not mention.
H High blood pressure–We’d rather it low;
I For incisions with scars you can show.
J is for joints, out of socket, won’t mend,
K is for knees that crack when they bend.
L ’s for libido, what happened to sex?
M is for memory; we forget what comes next.
N is neuralgia, in nerves way down low;
O is for osteo, bones that don’t grow!
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Denise said...

Very cute.

Deare Diary said...

This is a fun post to read. I can certainly relate to this. ha

Debbie said...

This is great! I can identify too.

Mari said...

Grace, this alphabet is for me, who's grown old. LOL

Omah's Helping Hands said...

That was cute! I loved it. Thanks for sharing it Grace. I've always felt since hearing it most my life, you are only as old as you feel. But sometimes that can be a scary thing, so I wonder how old that makes me right now. LOL :) Hugs

rummuser said...

Grace, that is a nice meme that you have designed. You do not need my permission to reproduce anything from my blogs. Just fire away.