Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tips On Purchasing Furniture

I know some people who buy new furniture as often as they buy “new clothes”. Of course, that was just a figurative form of speech, but what it means is that they buy furniture more often compare to ordinary people. Having high-end modern furniture displays the standard of their living. Purchasing new furniture can be an exciting adventure, and here are some tips on how to buy furniture:
*Prioritize your needs. If you need a kitchen table, don’t get a couch, even if it was on sale.
*Buy the best quality you can afford. Poor furniture quality is less likely to hold up over the long haul, which means you might have to buy items twice.
*Think about versatility in styling when you buy. Classic looks can be easier to decorate around, especially for long-standing furniture.
*Ponder versatility in function when you buy. Today's end table could be tomorrow's nightstand; this year's entry-hall table might be next year's home-office console.
*Choose non-trendy upholstery. The hunter green that was hot a couple of years ago can be out-fashioned the next year to come.
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Bring home a modern furniture will bring out the designer in you and offer the ability to bring new meaning to your home.


Eliane Jany Barbanti said...

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Denise said...

Great tips.

Reina said...

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