Monday, June 15, 2009

Are You Happy With Your Web Host?

It is so nice to be online again and visit my blog. I miss being here that although I am enjoying my vacation here, but sometimes the thought of blogging come up to my mind. I think I can say now that internet is a part of my life now.
I would like to apologize that on this week I will be skipping all my regular weekly memes and I promise to make up once I get back home. Honestly, I miss doing that, too, but I don't want to spoil the spirit of vacation, that is why, I am taking blogging lightly for the meantime.
Anyway, I was talking to my best friend, she told me that she is very happy with her new laptop and was asking me help on how to make her own website. That is cool! I am very happy for her, too. I told her that I will be happy to assist her in anyway she needs me to, as soon as I get back home. For the meantime, I told her to get her own domain because I believe in many advantages and benefits of getting own domain. I gave her the site of, for her to review their offers.
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Friendz said...

hi...nice post about hosting...
meanwhile i have changed my blog theme. so check it out and give you valuable suggestion..

Denise said...

Great information.