Friday, June 26, 2009

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A "Job Ready"?

While I had my breakfast this morning, I was looking at a realty estate magazine. There are bunches of beautiful houses that are on sales. I asked my cousin why is it that there are so many houses on sales, and the reply that I got was that a lot of people are losing their job nowadays. That is so sad. My husband and I talked about getting a job when we move here. Oh yes, we definitely should get a job to survive. The question was that, "are we ready to enter the world of 'job seeking competition'?"
Let me share to you this service that I have found online, They are the leader in on-demand workforce productivity and has just launches the Personal Edition that offers skills score for job seekers. They have more than 50 million end users from around the globe and they provide worldwide knowledge exchange connecting individuals with "Job Ready" skill development and potential employers with "Job Ready" individuals.
My cousin shares to me the challenges they faces with the competition in job market. Although she had finished her college with a very good computer skills, but still it will not be enough with today's ongoing upgrading in computer skills. That is how this unique service of Personal Edition has come up to help "job seekers", to make them become "job ready" by informing and upgrading their computer skills. They help them better understand the business world in today's economy.
Their broad suite of Software as a Service (SaaS) applications can fully automate the pre-hire to retire life cycle within any organization. If your field is in sales, take advantage of their sales training course to advance your career.
Are you one of those "job seekers", too? If you feel unsure about your computer skills that may not met up with what most employers requires or expected from you, visit, the smartest place on the web.


Denise said...

Thanks for the helpful information.

Lisa said...

Thank you sweetie! I was laid off on 1/29/09 and have yet to find anything. Unemployment has been so good to me, but not for much longer. Good luck to you guys, I know it will be easier for you!