Monday, June 29, 2009

Man's Behavior

Reading Stormie Omartian's book, "Power of a Praying Wife", made me learned about how to deal a husband's behavior. If there is an area of his life that you want to correct, talking about it needs a lot of preparation that can only be fulfilled by prayers and prayers.
Most of the men takes correction as a form of criticism on them no matter how gentle you may deliver it. It made them feel failure in their husbandhood. The truth of the matter is that the more things you correct a man, the more mistakes they made, because the effect of correction on them took the right concentration from them and it made them feel they are terrible. It leads them into living a miserable life, too. Truth to the matter is, they don't have the ability to look for the right solution to it.
This is how the power of the praying wife took place in helping them to have the right thinking and behavior. Once the woman married the man, a certain power was being laid on the wife's hand, it is the power to pray for him. That same power was from his mother and was passed to his wife prior to marriage. Praying can prepare his heart so that the moment you talk to him about it, he will accept the correction with the spirit of understanding and an open heart. Verbally recognizing their improvement plays important role in their process of development.
"Better to live in a desert than with a quarrelsome and nagging wife." Proverbs 21:19 NIV


Denise said...

We need to pray for our husbands always.

Mina said...

How could I disagree, it's so true :) But guess what, wives are the husbands' crowing glory...well, am referring to the wife who's respectful, a real partner thru thick & thin and knows how to sacrifice for her family. Nice post you have here:)

deped teacher said...

can you find me article about dealing wife's behavior