Thursday, June 18, 2009

North Carolina, Here We Come!

We are still here in Florida, and in the few days, if God is willing, we plan to move and have few days stop at South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia... going up to north... heeding home. My husband's cousin told me that there are a lot of beautiful place to see in these states. I am very excited to see them... and of course, to buy key chain in every state to add to my collection.
Talking about North Carolina, Wilmington is a beautiful place in that state, and is the best place to visit. Its beaches are known to be some of the cleanest and widest on the East Coast, making them highly appealing to tourists and residents. Beautiful houses of Wilmington NC vacation rentals are available. Its peaceful place is perfect for vacation.
North Carolina, here we come!

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Denise said...

Have fun sweetie.