Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Notion Of Reading Love Novel Books

This picture is taken in the house of our Aunt Kathy. She got a bunch of love novel books. Since she is not allowed to move around very much because of her delicate health lately, and reading these books filled her day.
I used to read a lot of these kind of books several years ago. Actually, I started reading these kind of books during my age of 13, because my mama had a bunch of love novel books, too. I remembered I tried reading one out of curiousity, then, I found out that I enjoyed it. It leads to another book... and another book. It later leads me to get interested in more thicker love novel book. But the time come that my eyes started to have problem, and it prompted me to stop reading from then on. Although I still read nowadays, but I am more careful on what I am reading. I rather choose to read something very useful for my life such as devotional reading materials, christian books and above all, the Holy Bible.
There is a notion about reading these love novel books. I remembered one friend told me that I will not get married if I read a lot of these kind of books. Although it was explained to me... and how I understood it was that, reading these kind of books will make you fantasize a lot of a specific man to come to your life, but it won't, and that's how you end up to be an old maid. But later did I realized the logic to it; reading these kind of books gives you the picture of a perfect man and a perfect relationship, and that is why if you are in a relationship, the tendency is, you will be comparing the person or your relationship to the story you had read... and having found flaws, you end up breaking the person or the relationship you are into... and go on looking for the perfect person and the perfect relationship... all those ideas are from the book you are reading which is way too hard to be possible. And thus you end up not marrying at all.
Well, I believe it can be possible. It will depend on how you view life. Somehow, I am glad that I am already married and had got over that notion.


Rossel said...

i love reading novel books too. when i was in high school i was reading sweet dreams, then mills and boons when I was in college. as i mature, i shifted to novels of sidney sheldon and mary higgins clark.

hope you could visit me here too,

thanks and have a nice day!

Denise said...

Wow, that is alot of books sweetie.

rummuser said...

I used to read novels some two decades ago and some would obviously be the so called love stories too. I suppose that with age, I just grew out of all kinds of fiction and now I read only serious non fiction stuff. Nothing however wrong in your taste, as long as you do have the habit of reading which, alas is a disappearing one.