Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tips For Asthma Sufferers

We have four ashmatic in the family. It is not something to be taken lightly. In fact, that is how my sister had decided to purchase an air-condioner for her daughter's room. But of course, nobody can escape the air pollution outside the house because we all need to go out for some purpose or another.
Although asthma can be hereditary, but we can do something to help them from suffering more. One very easy factor is to keep the air clean. The practice of Dust Control or dust abatement has become more important to more and more asthma sufferers. It is reported that nearly 23 million Americans and a staggering 300 million people in the world suffers from asthma, and obviously, one of the causes is the never-ending infrastractures and roads constructions around us. The good thing is that, just recently, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued guidelines for dust control dust abatement , and PM10 regulations. With the advent of the changes from TSP monitors in 1987, to monitoring networks that are now able to measure down to Particulate Matter of 10 Microns in diameter or smaller, they were able to do as much as they can to economically monitor and control Particulate Matter of 10 Microns in diameter or smaller otherwise know as PM10. These changes make it a top priority for many local and state governing bodies to take control of dust pollution. It is nice to know that these effort to control dust will eventually help millions of asthma sufferers and for the future generations as well.
Here are some recommended tip for asthma sufferers from the Dust Control Inc.
*Exercise to strengthen your heart and lungs
*Use your air conditioner to reduce airborne pollens
*Use a dehumidifier to maintain optimal humidity
*Clean your home at least once a week to eliminate dust
*Contact your county commissioner if you live in an area in need of dust control
Of course, our countries improvement can be consider beautiful and convenient for us. But sad to say that it resulted health problem to many, too. Let our concern show the we care enough. For more about Dust Control Inc. activities and involvement, visit their website.


Denise said...

My husband has asthma.

Dust said...

Somehow it is a good thing that there are four of you in the family allergic. That you you can all take care of each other by watching out and protecting yourselves from the same things.

Anonymous said...

Dust Control is huge! breathing in all that dust is bad for you especially if you have asthma!