Sunday, July 12, 2009

How Did God Made The Holy Bible? (part 7)

After three Sundays of missing this (because we were on vacation) I am back on this series, and I am now on the last part of this series, "How did God made the Holy Bible?". I apologize for having you wait for the continuation. I hope that I made you happy with this series.
* Its Indestructibility- In A.D. 303, Emperor Diocletian thought he had destroyed every hated Bible. After many tireless years of ruthless slaughter and destruction, he erected a column of victory over the embers of a burned Bible. Twenty years later, the new Emperor Constantine offered a reward for any remaining Bibles. Within twenty-four hours no less than fifty copies were brought out of hiding and presented to the king.
* Its Historical Accuracy- Less than a century ago, the agnostic took great glee in sneeringly referring to the "hundreds of historical mistakes" in the Bible. But then came the science of archaeology and with each shove full of dirt the sneers have become less visible, until today they scarcely can be seen.
* Its Scientific Accuracy- It has previously been discussed in this study that although the Bible is primarily a spiritual message from God and not specifically a scientific textbook, all scientific statements found in the Scriptures must nevertheless be taken literally and at face value. Actually the Bible contains far more specific scientific statements than one might realize.
* Its Prophetical Accuracy- One of the acid tests of any religion is its ability to predict the future. In this ares (as in all other areas) the Bible reigns supreme. One searches in vain through the pages of other sacred writings to find even a single line of accurate prophecy.
* Its Care And Copy- No book in history has been copied as many times with as much care as has been the Word of God.
* Its Absolute Honesty- Perhaps no other single statement so completely summarizes the Bible as does the following: "The Bible is not a book that man could write if he would, or would write if he could."
* Its Life Transforming Power- According to an ancient proverb, "The proof of the pudding is in the eating." So it is. Undoubtedly, the greatest proof of all that the Bible is indeed God's Word is its amazing ability to change corrupt humanity.
This series is from my hand-out notes during our six months Church Membership Class in LWCM , Banilad, Cebu, Philippines. The class was conducted by our Senior Pastor Mel Caparros.


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God is Great !

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How true.

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Amen and well put. Only God can do! Thank you for sharing. ♥

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thanks for sharing this inspiring entry sis....God is good....:)

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i like it being life transforming. it has in many ways helped me grow in my faith as i read it everyday as part of my prayer time.

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