Monday, July 13, 2009

A Vacation That Was Almost Ruined

I thought that just because almost everybody here in USA have their own car (some even have more than 1 car), then there is no more risk that your car will be stolen away. A story of my husband's friend has proven me wrong.
My husband’s friend, Greg, bought car insurance prior to the urging of his wife, Roxy (who pleaded that she won’t ride with him in his newly bought car unless he bought car insurance ). They set off to South for a week holiday. One night, just right away after their fancy dinner, they were heeding to where they parked the car and found out that it was not there anymore. They were stunned! And were thinking about the ruined wonderful vacation. They called their car insurance officer. They comforted and provided them another car while they were trying to recover their car. So, the vacation was not ruined at all, and when they get back home from their vacation, they got a call telling them that their car was recovered. The husband sighed in relief, “Thanks to the car insurance.”


Dorothy L said...

Car insurance definitley is a much needed safety net. It is so unfortunate that we have to deal with such incidents as car theft.
I have only the slightest understanding as sometimes I will come out of the grocery store and depending how preoccupied my mind is...I tend to forget where my car is and it is a very horrible feeling.

Denise said...

Car insurance is very important.