Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Think I Like This Bedroom Set

We start sorting out our things now for our moving down to Florida on early September. We are not going to bring so many things because it is already furnished. One thing that puzzled me, whether to bring with us our bedroom set or not, because our bedroom set is way too far bigger than what they have furnished. Would it be wise to rent a bigger trailer van for our things or should I just buy a new bedroom set?
My husband suggested to try looking online for a bedroom set that I might like and then we will decide what we will do. The image shown is from the site of eRoomService.com. I think I like this bedroom set. Selex Blok Light Olive Leather Walk-on Platform Bed w/ Right Platform. I like the style, very elegant. Award-winning piece imported from Spain. This unique modern bedroom sets is also available with storage underneath the bed. Cool, huh?