Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mini Cyber Internet Cafe

This picture was taken inside the apartment of our Aunt Kathy where we stay here in Florida. This is what we do when we don't stroll around. Three laptops are all line up in one side of the living room. Charleen told her husband on the phone that we have our own mini cyber internet cafe inside our house.
When we don't go out, Charleen is on Facebook the whole day, talking to her family in Michigan. She also got a lot of friends connecting to her through mails.
My husband enjoys browsing through YouTube for MTV's and tourism. He is interested in browsing places that he might get interest in visiting sometime in the future. And he is always online on his Gmail account for any mails that may come up.
I am on my blog all day, unless if we need to go somewhere else. I am on Yahoo Messenger morning time and evening time to get access to my family in the Philippines. And I am also on Gmail all day for any mails that may come up.


Merryn said...

Grace, I can SO relate to this. just the other week, my hubs and I were at our rented out apartment and I saw our tenants with 4 laptops. one for chatting, the other 3 for gamers! first time in my life saw it that way so i was very very impressed! LOL..

Denise said...

Very cool, lol

alf said...

this ia cool. it is so amazing what internet can do to our lives.
may award pala ako sa'yo. grab it when you get a chance.
happy weekend.

Pearl said...

hi grace! nice to read that you're looking for a house in Florida. Yeah great weather all year round. Hope I can visit Florida sometime.

niko said...

wow! thats cool!! i hope we can have that min cyber cafe at home.. for my husband and i hehe

we just take turn on our laptop :) weeeee